Wednesday, 1 March 2017

One Year Blog Anniversary!

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday was the anniversary of Pretty Little Flirt. A year ago, I decided to create a page on the internet where I could share my thoughts and opinions for the world to see. I never imagined it building up how it has so far..

Thinking back to the person I was a couple of years ago, shy - not confident AT ALL, never really sticking to anything properly before, to be able to say I have blogged for a year is an achievement for me. I'm not going to say I didn't doubt myself countless times, or say I want to quit or don't want to do it anymore, because I did, a lot. But I always reminded myself that I do enjoy it and so I continue.. I always found taking a little break when I doubted myself really helped me realise I do enjoy it and miss it and then gives my the motivation to get back on it again

There have been so many highlights during my year of writing on the internet, here is just a few of them,
Some of my favourite posts so far have to be 'Pretty Little Thing Wish List', 'The Boyfriend Tag', I really enjoyed reviewing a lot of products such as 'Avon Mascara' 'Body Shop Serum and Moisturiser' 'Shadow Switch' etc

what was your fav?

So yeah, I did have some low moments of self doubt but I've also had some amazing moments. Either way, I am so happy that I pressed that publish button and leaped into something that I really had no knowledge about. I have grown as a person, online and off and I didn't even realise it

I want to say thank you to each and every person who has read any of my posts, it truly means a lot that someone takes time out of their day to read what I post and even comment. I love talking to loads of people on Twitter, you really do get to meet some lovely people and find friends for life x

Shani xox

Friday, 10 February 2017

The Real Neat Blog Award

Hey guys! 

So I was nominated by one of my best friends Tania from TaniaaWrites for the real neat blog award. 

Heres the rules:
  • Thank and link the blogger who nominated you (they deserve recognition, very important!)
  • Answer the 7 questions they asked you
  • Nominate other bloggers and let them know!
  • Ask your nominees 7 questions

Tania's questions to me:

1. What do you love about blogging? Being a part of such a lovely and supportive community. As well as being able to freely express my opinions on the internet, its therapeutic at times actually

2. What's on your bucket list? Definitely want to travel more I have a post on this here

3. What are your goals for 2017? I have a few goals for my blog such as getting a domain and being more socially active (post on this here), in general life I want to get fitter, exercise more, eat healthier build my immune system. I need to work on my temper, not blowing up if I'm annoyed or overthinking things

4. What's the best part of blogging? Definitely being able to talk to lots of different people from different backgrounds, it's such a lovely way to make new pals. I've also loved meeting other bloggers at meet ups and talking in group chats!

5. What motivates you? Planning out what to do in order to reach a goal I have is definitely a way for me to get things done. Also thinking of my future and family, need to keep going and never give up or you'll never achieve what you want

6. How do you like to relax after a busy day? Well I mean I would say a hot relaxing bubble bath with a good ol' lush bath bomb, however, I only have an en-suite shower at university haha! So I'll have to say a hot shower with a face mask and lil pamper session with some snacks and a Netflix binge

7. Any tips or advice for new bloggers? Definitely only write about what you enjoy, don't feel forced to write about topics or things you don't want to. Follow other bloggers who interest you and join twitter chats it's such a lovely community to be involved with!

Thanks again for nominating me Tania! xxx

I tag the following lovelies to do this post on their blog:

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My questions to you lovely ladies are:

1. What is one item you cannot live without? (a makeup product or accessory?)
2. Where do you see your blog in a years time?
3. How did you find joining the blogging community?
4. What are you looking forward to the most this year?
5. Where do you wish you were right now? If you could fly anywhere..
6. What is your favourite Netflix series right now?
7. Do you think you could survive a zombie apocalypse? 

I absolutely love tag posts so this was a lot of fun! 

Shani xox

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Pretty Little Thing | Wish List

1 Ripped Mom Jeans £30, 2 Ritch Bich T Shirt £10, 3 Cold Shoulder Navy Jumper £25
4 Lace Up Cropped Hoodie £15, 5 Camo Hooded Parka £35, 6 Burgundy Dungaree Dress £25
7 'Messed Up' Slogan T Shirt Dress £12, 8 Chunky Knit Distress Jumper Dress £25, 9 Sports Underwear £10 each
10 Lace Up Ankle Boots £25, 11 Cold Shoulder 'Blush' Bodysuit £22, 12 Plunge Slogan T Shirt Dress £18
13 Short Sleeve Sweater Dress £25, 14 Super Skinny Ripped Jeans £25, 15 Nude Waterfall Jacket £25
16 Extreme Rip Skinny Jeans £25, 17 Dodgers Slogan T Shirt Dress £25, 18 Chunky Knit Cardigan £25
19 Rose Gold Bodysuit £15, 20 Khaki Strap Front Bodysuit £15, 21 Coral Jumpsuit £20
22 Gold Sequin Mini Skirt £20, 23 Crushed Velvet Bodycon Dress £20, 24 Denim Dungarees £28
25 Camo Baby Pink Fur Parka £80, 26 Rose Gold Multi Row Choker £12, 27 Sequin Sleeve Shirt £15
28 Red Skater Dress £18, 29 Sequin Patch Dungarees £30, 30 Crushed Velvet Pink T Shirt £15

I'm really into the rose gold and pinky colours at the moment if you couldn't tell haha! I've noticed I have picked quite a lot of them ... oops

Shani xox